Oyster Sauce flavored Yakisoba (Fried Noodles)

First Soak bean sprouts in plenty of water. When crisp, thoroughly drain in a sieve. Chop the roots of nira (Chinese chives), and cut into 4 cm(1.5 inch) strips. Cut negi (Japanese long white leek) into half. Chop diagonally into thin slices. Cut thin pork slices into 2 cm(0.75 inch) pieces. Second Heat sesame oil […]

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Bite Size Daikon Radish Onigiri Rice Ball
Step 3

Easy to make Sushi style Onigiri Rice Balls First Peel daikon radish and slice thinly with a slicer. Sprinkle salt over radish. When radish becomes soft squeeze out water and mix into sweetened vinegar. Cut thin-sliced konbu seaweed into 1 cm(0.4 inch) length pieces. Remove seed from pickled plum and chop with knife until texture […]

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Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

First Cut chicken into 2 pieces lengthwise then slice into small pieces. Cut konjac block into smaller size than chicken and place in pan with plenty of water. Bring to boil over strong heat. When cooked drain. Julienne cabbage and soak in water; drain well. Cut long white leeks into 4cm(1.5 inch) long pieces. Cut […]

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